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BKNIX is pleased to announce its partnership with SUPERNAP Thailand Data Center, a premier data center facility in Thailand. This collaboration opens up new avenues for Peering connectivity.

Through this partnership, users at the SUPERNAP Thailand Data Center will gain seamless access to BKNIX's robust peering platform. This innovative solution enables members of BKNIX to exchange data with SUPERNAP Thailand Data Center users via the virtual Layer 2 network provided by SUPERNAP Thailand Network.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in expanding the reach of Peering services and fostering collaboration within Thailand's digital ecosystem. BKNIX and SUPERNAP Thailand Network are committed to facilitating seamless connectivity for businesses, further solidifying their positions as key players in the region's digital infrastructure landscape.

3 October 2023 | Posted by Admin

BKNIX, the Bangkok Neutral Internet Exchange in Thailand, and JPIX, the Japan Internet Exchange, are proud to announce their strategic collaboration. This partnership aims to expand internet data exchange and elevate the user experience and exchange service between members of BKNIX and JPIX. By joining forces, BKNIX and JPIX will create new opportunities for interconnection, minimize latency, and lay the foundation for a more interconnected digital future.

This collaboration between the premier Internet Exchange Points in Thailand and Japan will enable the exchange between members, signifying a momentous milestone in the advancement of digital infrastructures in both countries. By leveraging their combined expertise between IXP. The partnership between BKNIX and JPIX represents an exceptional opportunity to enhance the overall internet experience for users in both nations. Through this alliance, Thailand and Japan are set to elevate their digital landscapes and contribute to the growth of the global digital economy. Together, they will empower the peering community to achieve sustainable internet performance.

As BKNIX and JPIX embark on this collaborative journey, they are committed to fostering an inclusive and interconnected internet ecosystem. Through this partnership, they will facilitate seamless data exchange, bolster digital connectivity, and enable organizations to thrive in the digital age.

27 July 2023 | Posted by Admin

The seventh BKNIX Peering Forum, hosted by the Thai Network Information Center Foundation (THNICF) had a packed program on topics such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), last-mile connectivity and remote peering, and welcomed 342 participants.
21 July 2023 | Posted by Admin

                17 July 2023. This meeting was held for members to exchange ideas and obtain recommendation and other feedbacks from the users of the BKNIX system. Discussion was also held for the next steps.

17 July 2023 | Posted by Admin

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