Maintenance Mode (BCP 214)

Peering port towards BKNIX Peering LAN can safely enter 'Maintenance Mode' which complies to BCP214

BGP Session Culling is the practice of ensuring BGP sessions are forcefully torn down before commencing maintenance activities (that otherwise would affect the flow of data between the BGP speakers) on a lower-layer network.

This will apply bidirectional packet filter on BGP (TCP port 179) from source and destination addresses in BKNIX Public Peering Lan
It is recommended to use this mode together with Graceful BGP Session Shutdown

Members can enable this mode before commencing maintenance activities via IXP Manager to disrupt BGP control-plance traffic and BGP sessions will be expired.
It will trigger BGP rerouting process. Therefore, end-user traffic can subsequently be shifted to alternative links.

During maintenance period, members can safely remove physical link or send other traffic such as, ICMP to check the connectivities.

Once activities were complete and 'Maintenance Mode' was disabled, BGP sessions will automatically be restored.

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