Full detail for each member can be found here
# Member Website AS Number Port Speed Policy
1Packet Clearing House Gopen
2Packet Clearing House Gopen
3Internet Thailand G + 10 Gopen
4Uninet*10 Gopen
5Asian Institute of Technology*1 Gopen
6TRUE Gselective
7KSC http://www.ksc.net76931 Gopen
8Akamai Technologies G + 10 Gopen
9Verisign https://www.verisigninc.com2641510 Gopen
10NTT Communications (Thailand) Gopen
11United Information Highway
12CommunityDNS Ltd http://www.cdns.net429091 Gopen
13CSLoxinfo http://www.csloxinfo.com4526510 Gopen
14TCC Technology Gopen
153BB G + 10 Gopen
16BB Connect Co., Ltd. Gopen
17Dhurakij Pundit University Gopen
18Innovative Extremist*10 Gopen
19Bangkok Neutral Internet Exchange Point*10 Gopen
20BKNIX Route Servers G + 1 Gopen
21Symphony Communication Gopen
22DTAC G + 10 Gopen
23The Thai Red Cross Society http://www.redcross.or.th13388010 Gopen
24Cable Connect Gopen
25International Gateway Gopen
26Wi-Fi First Gopen