• BKNIX project is a project under the Thai Network Information Center Foundation (THNICF). The BKNIX Co., Ltd. (BKNIX) was established by the foundation to operate this project.
  • BKNIX project drive for domestic IX service concentrate at stability and performance is a key.
  • BKNIX a project advisory board policy comprising representatives of the member.
  • BKNIX reserves the right to review the policy as appropriate.

  • Openly for bilateral peering agreement (BLPA). There is no multilateral peering agreement (MLPA)
  • Members may not use another member as the destination of default routes unless you have permission to access member's resources
  • BGP-4 is the only routing protocol used for peering and Next-hop-self should be set when advertise routes from other members
  • IP Address Space and AS Number which globally unique and properly assigned are only prerequisites for the connection
  • Enable IPv4 and IPv6 (native)
Switch Interconnection Policy
  • Allow single layer-2 MAC address to place a single layer-3 router per port.
  • BKNIX delivers a service from the IX Switch port to the patch panel.
  • The connection interface and prices may vary depending upon location the router is installed.
  • The members provide connection cable from the router to BKNIX patch panel.
  • The members prepare a router that supports the BGP4 protocol.
  • The members configure peering to BKNIX that correct functioning for your own network.

21 September 2015| Posted by Admin

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