How to use common service

    To use services such as the BKNIX NTP server, RPKI server, without going through a transit provider, you should peer with BKNIX Services AS, 63528.

    When your network has reachability with BKNIX peering LAN, you can configure your router to peer with the BKNIX Route Servers.
    • Announcing your prefixes to the BKNIX Route Servers
      • Register in the IRR (Mandatory)
      • Registering in the RPKI (Mandatory)
          For cryptographically secure resource validation, you should register in the Resource Public Key Infrastructure. You need to use the registry from which you acquired your address space; for Thai address holders, this is usually APNIC.
      • Register in the Peering DB (Optional)
      Once you have registered your prefixes and they have satisfied incoming prefixes filtering, BKNIX Route Servers will propagate your prefixes to other RS clients.
    • Receiving your peers' announcements from the BKNIX Route Servers

    To get accurate time (for logging etc.) you should be a client of a number of NTP servers. BKNIX provides a local accurate stratum-1 server for you to add to your server list.

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