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How to create meeting room

1. Go to and click 'Join Room'

2. Fill in meeting room detail.

2.1 Name of meeting room
This name has to be unique and only share within your group members

2.2 Your Name

2.3 Select Location where your meeting room will be placed.


3. Click 'Join Room' to finish and enter the meeting room
Important : Name of meeting room (2.1) and Location (2.3) has to be the same for every member who wants to join the same meeting room.
Please keep these 2 fields consistency within your room members.

If you want to go back, click 'Home'

4. After loading the meeting room, you will be asked how to use audio in the meeting.

Choose Microphone : If you want to speak with microphone on your device to the meeting room.

Then, it will initiate private echo test, Speak a few words, click 'Yes' if you hear your audio.

Choose Listen only : If you want to just listen to the meeting.

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