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How to create the meeting

Create a meeting room

1. System will take you to meeting creation window, click 'Create Room' to start

2. Put meeting room detail
2.1 Room name
2.2 Location

2.3 Record this meeting in the system or not
2.4 Date
2.5 Start time
2.6 End time
Click 'Create Room' to finish.

3. System will take you to meeting creation window, you will see meeting room you created in the list which you can
3.1 View Invite Link : show invitation link for sending to participants and admin
3.2 Join(admin) : join the meeting as admin

4. After click 'View Invite Link ' system will show 2 links for distribution to meeting member
4.1 Participant : Link for general participant
4.2 Admin : Link for meeting admin who can control the meetin

Next step : Introduction

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