Route Servers

  • BKNIX Route Servers consist of BIRD (BIRD Internet Routing Daemon) that support both 2-byte & 4-byte AS number.
  • Difference major version of BIRD
  • We recommend to establish sessions with more than one route servers available on the VLANs (possibly all), when one route server goes into maintenance mode, it does not affect your connectivity.
Route Servers Details
We have two networks are IPv4 network and IPv6 network over a dedicated VLAN on the BKNIX infrastructure can be implemented on an existing port with (802.1Q) Q-tagging.
ASN Name VLAN Protocol Address
63529 RS0 99 IPv4
100 IPv6 2001:deb:0:68::68
RS1 99 IPv4
100 IPv6 2001:deb:0:68::69
Setup peering guideline
In the "router bgp (your AS)" configuration section of your router to the BKNIX you should add two peers to the AS63529.
    router bgp (your AS)
    bgp deterministic-med
    bgp log-neighbor-changes
    no bgp enforce-first-as
    no bgp default ipv4-unicast
    neighbor BKNIX-RS-v4 peer-group
    neighbor BKNIX-RS-v4 remote-as 63529
    neighbor BKNIX-RS-v4 description BKNIX-RS-IPv4-Peering-Lan
    neighbor BKNIX-RS-v6 peer-group
    neighbor BKNIX-RS-v6 remote-as 63529
    neighbor BKNIX-RS-v6 description BKNIX-RS-IPv6-Peering-Lan
    neighbor remote-as 63529
    neighbor peer-group BKNIX-RS-v4
    neighbor description RS0
    neighbor remote-as 63529
    neighbor peer-group BKNIX-RS-v4
    neighbor description RS1
    neighbor 2001:DEB:0:68::68 remote-as 63529
    neighbor 2001:DEB:0:68::68 peer-group BKNIX-RS-v6
    neighbor 2001:DEB:0:68::68 description RS0
    neighbor 2001:DEB:0:68::69 remote-as 63529
    neighbor 2001:DEB:0:68::69 peer-group BKNIX-RS-v6
    neighbor 2001:DEB:0:68::69 description RS1
    address-family ipv4
      neighbor activate
      neighbor activate
      neighbor BKNIX-RS-v4 send-community
      neighbor BKNIX-RS-v4 next-hop-self
    address-family ipv6
      neighbor 2001:DEB:0:68::68 activate
      neighbor 2001:DEB:0:68::69 activate
      neighbor BKNIX-RS-v6 send-community
      neighbor BKNIX-RS-v6 next-hop-self
Set up a peering with the BKNIX Route Servers. Also shown is a sample Cisco router config that can be used to set up this peering with the AS63529 routers.
In case of questions, please contact

RS0-v4-Prefixes RS0-v4-Peers
RS1-v4-Prefixes RS1-v4-Peers
RS0-v6-Prefixes RS0-v6-Peers
RS1-v6-Prefixes RS1-v6-Peers
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